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School lunches have a new look again this year with healthy choices for your child every day! The federal government has continued the new nutrition standards for meals served to America’s schoolchildren, based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. For more information on the Dietary Guidelines, see

The changes will again be seen in our cafeteria this year. The requirements include strict limits on the calories, saturated fat, trans fat and sodium in school meals. We are meeting these nutrition standards by offering students a selection of low-fat and fat-free milk, larger portions of colorful fruits and vegetables, and a variety of whole grains and lean protein choices. All lunches include five meal components:

·         a meat or meat alternate such as yogurt, lean beef, chicken or low-fat cheese;

·         a grain such as whole-wheat bread or brown rice;

·         a fresh or canned fruit selection;

·         raw or cooked vegetables in a variety of colors; and

·         low-fat or fat-free milk selections.

Each child must select at least three of these five components on their tray to make a meal, including a fruit or vegetable. Children must select a fruit or a vegetable with their lunch every day. Without a vegetable or fruit, students will be charged the a la carte price instead of the meal price.

Our school district will again be encouraging students to try the new foods being offered.

We are also asking for your help. Please explain the program to your child before they arrive at school. Every student needs to be prepared to select at least one fruit or vegetable with their lunch every day. We are planning our menus to include selections we know students like, as well as many different foods they may not have tried before. Please encourage your child to try these new foods. They just might find a new favorite!


Daily Offerings:

Breakfast: Assorted Fruit, Carrots, Milk and 100% Juice

Reduced Sugar Whole Grai
n Cereal,
Whole Grain: Goldfish Grahams, Muffin, Bread, Bagel, Cinnamon Bun

Lunch: Cold Vegetable Choices:  Cucumbers, Carrots, or Tomatoes

Fresh Fruit Choices:  Apples, Oranges

Hummus or Black Beans

Tuesdays & Thursdays

all juice drinks are 100% Juice 

Milk is 1% Low Fat, Skim, Fat Free Chocolate or Fat Free Strawberry. 

All cereals are reduced sugar and whole grain.

Hall Memorial School Daily Alternate Breakfast Choices: 

  • Whole Grain Cereal, Goldfish Grahams 

Hall Memorial School Daily Alternate Lunch Choices:

  • A Second Hot Choice Meal
  • Chef Salad
  • PB & J or PB & Fluff Sandwiches
  • Sandwiches or Wraps
  • Bagel or Cereal Lunch


Center School Daily Alternate Breakfast Choice:

  • Whole Grain Cereal, Goldfish Grahams 

CES Lunch Options- children choose A, B, C, or D lunch each day. Each option comes with Milk.

A:  Hot Lunch of the day.

B:  Yogurt Tray: yogurt, cheese stick, corn muffin, WG goldfish crackers, vegetable choices & fruit choice.

C:  Cereal, Variety Sandwich or Bagel Lunch:

      Cereal Lunch: cereal, 1/2 peanut butter sandwich, cheese stick, vegetable 
      choices & fruit choice. 

      Variety Sandwich Lunch: the sandwich of the day, vegetable choices & fruit choice.

      Bagel Lunch: bagel, peanut butter or cheese stick, fruit choices &  vegetable choice. 

D:  Peanut Butter & Jelly: PB&J sandwich, cheese stick, vegetable choices & fruit choice.


We appreciate your support of the Willington School Meals Program and look forward to serving delicious & nutritious meals to your students. The price for a student breakfast is $1.90, the price for a student lunch is $2.85 (which includes milk), milk only is $0.65 cents. Prices are for both Center Elementary School and for Hall Memorial School.  (If a student is approved for free or reduced lunch they are automatically eligible for free or reduced breakfast.)

Please review our policies for purchasing meals:

Meal Account

Students in all Willington schools are assigned a meal account. Parents are encouraged to put money on these accounts so students do not have to remember to bring cash daily.

How do I put money on my child's meal account?

Parents currently have three options to pay for their child’s meal account:

·         Online – using Parent PowerSchool Portal & Edu Trak Payment system, set up account, then click Balances and Fees then click the fork and knife icon then click Add Funds.

·         Check – Write check to Willington School Food Service and send or bring the check to the school kitchen.

·         Cash – Cash may be brought to the kitchen for deposit on the student’s account, or students may pay cash on a daily basis.

 How To Buy School Meals

Center Elementary School: Students may pre-pay for meals daily if they do not have money on their account. All transactions should be made in person by either the student or their parent/guardian. All meals are pre-paid and recorded on a computerized point-of-sale system which is a debit based accounting system. Students and their family should plan to pre-pay for meals they intend to purchase.

Hall Memorial School: Students can pre-pay anytime. The pre-payment method is a point-of-sale debit system that allows students to pre-pay for any number of meals. A la cart option is available at an additional cost. Students are also welcome to use cash to pay for their meal as they go through the line. Students must have a positive account balance to be able to purchase a la carte items.

Questions about account use and balances should be directed to the Food Service Director at HMS and the Food Service Manager at CES:

Center School: Ms. Rosalie Gorman: 860-429-9367 ext. 1217   

Hall School: Mrs. Stephanie Knight: 860-429-9391 ext. 2318 or e-mail  

Meal Charging Policy:  Willington Food Services does not have an alternate meal policy for students with meal debt. All student balances need to be at $0.00 or in the positive at the end of the school year. Policy is subject to change.

How do I know when my child’s account is running low on money? Parents can monitor the account balance in PowerSchool and have a low balance alert emailed to them.  Parents are also welcome to contact the kitchen manager to inquire about their child’s account balance.

Account Balance:  Unpaid balances are not the responsibility of the Food Services Department.  Unpaid meal charges must be resolved to a zero balance by the last day of school.  If a student has a positive balance at the close of the school year, it will automatically be credited to their meal account for the next school year at Willington Public Schools. Negative balances do not carry forward to the next school year. Please see above Meal Charging Policy.  We are able to transfer balances between siblings upon request.  If your student is not continuing in Willington Public Schools you may request a refund of the account or donate the balance to the food services program.


Breakfast Program


Breakfast costs $1.90

Students approved for Free lunch are automatically eligible for Free breakfast.  

Students approved for Reduced lunch are automatically eligible for the reduced breakfast price of $.30



All choices come with Fruit, Orange Juice and Milk

Whole Grain Cereal will be available every day



HMS : 

On 2 Hour Delayed Opening Days - No breakfast will be served.

On Mimimum Days - No breakfast or lunch will be served.

On Emergency Closing Days - No lunch will be served.



On 2 Hour Delayed Opening Days - No Breakfast will be served.

 Summer Food Service Programs
Healthy meals aren't only offered during the school year, but are available during the summer as well!

All children under the age of 18 are welcome to get a FREE meal - No questions asked!

CSDE Summer Food Service Program Website

Click here to find a Summer Site near you! 


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