Google Classroom - here is the link to my google classroom.  The code is:  3uk7u7n.

Spellingcity is a wonderful website where you can practice your vocabulary using some fun games. 

Math Playground is a fun place to race each other and play games such as Troy's Toys, Number Invaders and Deception.  My new favorite game is Triplets. Give them all a try.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is a great site managed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  You can play around with math skills at all levels.

Snork's Long Division Game is a great place to learn how to follow the steps in solving long division, ye haw!!!!!

Math Frog is a cool site to practice the steps needed to solve long division problems.

Sheppard software is a handy site to visit for both Spanish and social studies classes.  Play games that help you learn the names of countries and where they are located on a map. is similar to Sheppard software and offers more map skills and games.

Weebly is a great site to visit and practice skills you've learned up to 5th grade.  You will find all subjects here, including art!

Greg Tang Math games  is a great place to sharpen those math skills.