Carole Frassinelli

Hello My Name Is...

Carole Frassinelli

Mrs. Fraz

Speech and Language Pathologist
Willington Public Schools


I have been providing speech and language services to Willington students since 2002, during which time I have had the good fortune to watch my own three children grow up in our wonderful school system. I earned my BA in French and Art History from Dartmouth College in 1985 and my MA in Communication Disorders from the University of Connecticut in 2000. Speech Pathology is a second career for me, one which I came to after years of chasing my dreams as a professional singer and actress.

My Job as an SLP

I currently divide my time between Center and Hall Schools, providing support and specialized instruction to students in grades 3-8 identified with educational needs in the areas of speech production, oral fluency, language comprehension, voice, oral expression and social communication. I also perform assessments and collaborate with Special Education teachers in writing Individualized Education Plans. Over the last few years, I have developed a Social Skills curriculum which I teach in 4th-6th grade classrooms. Many Hall School students know me from my weekly lunch groups, which offer students an opportunity to eat, socialize and play games in an alternative setting with a small group of peers.

Let's talk!

You can e-mail me directly by clicking on the "Contact Me" link or call at (860) 429-9391, extension 214.  My office is located in the 5th grade hallway at Hall School.


If you would like to know more about what I do, please click on the "Useful Links" Tab and select “The Role of SLPs in School” for a short and informative summary.